Doggy Dickies

Doggy Dickies


Soft, bright and high-quality ‘Doggy Dicky’ which attaches to your beloved dog’s collar (or one of his or her friend’s!) by means of an elasticated loop.

Printed on a Very Limited Run of 100% Cotton Sateen Fabric, U.K.-printed in Ilkeston, Derbyshire (135 miles away from Norwich) sewn-to-order (please allow a 72-hour turnaround time, though it is highly possible you could have it sooner than that, so please email: to see what we can do!

Seamstress in Residence is Ann ‘Mouse’ Fuller who will be sewing your ‘Doggy Dicky‘ with nimble hands, energetic foot on the machine pedal and deep concentration on the garment in hand.

Choice of:

Cornflower Blue Fabric with ‘Dogs and Lavender’ KillingB design.

Grass Green Fabric with ‘Doggy Dickies’ KillingB design.

As of 23rd October 2020, the Autumn Edition ‘Clementine’ Edition Doggy Dicky with ‘Dogs and Lavender’ KillingB design has been launched!

Comfortable and attractive item.

£1.50 from each item sold goes to the communal pot to be shared at regular intervals between the following five animal organisations:

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary (local in Norfolk)

Hillside Animal Sanctuary (local in Norfolk)

Terriers Sans Frontières (France)

Soi Dog (Thailand)

ENV Wildlife (Vietnam)

If possible, please choose to make a bank transfer for the total amount to avoid PayPal removing 10% of each transaction.

If you choose to do this, you will receive a minimum of one free greeting card, depending on the value of your order,  with the compliments of KillingB.)

Simply email me your ‘Shopping List’ instead of making your purchase through this website.

Never hesitate to email me with a list of  items you’re interested in, or any postage pricing concerns:

Thank You! – Tessa.

Please contact me with any questions or to discuss anything at all regarding KillingB designs and products:


Thank You For Looking at The Newly-Launched Doggy Dickies! ♥

Doggy Dickies Launched on Sunday July 5th 2020

NB. You may notice that a Doggy Dicky with a fabric strap features on the Clementine Doggy Dicky! If your dog doesn’t wear a collar, and the elasticated loop is impractical, or you prefer the appearance of the fabric strap, the monetary supplement will be £3.00. Therefore, please add another greeting card to your trolley/cart which will be the equivalent of the £3.00 supplement, as the price of a KillingB greeting cards is also £3.00. Please either email me, Tessa, at or indicate at the Checkout any details about the order, which you’ll be invited to write down.

Thank You Again For Your Interest, and Please Contact Me with Any Questions! ♥


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