London Tea Towel


Soft, white, 100% cotton. Designed, printed, sewn and packed in England.

High-quality, white cotton Tea Towel featuring a bright ‘London’ design, neatly folded and tied with red, white and blue string, with a ‘London’ decorative-informative paper insert to retain and collect.

Excellent item to frame and hang on the wall decoratively.

Ideal to send to a friend or relative as a memento of good times spent in London.

Lightweight and economical to send overseas, fulfilling the ‘Large Letter’ postage dimensions and weight requirements.

Also perfect to use to dry crockery or to polish glassware, or to use as a mini tablecloth on a picnic!

Multi-task and learn about London’s buildings and famous characteristics while dining, or washing up, or treat somebody with a lovely, high-quality gift to treasure for many years to come.

Now with ‘hanging loop’ and care/wash label.

Super soft, 100% cotton and fully washable.

The £12.99 price INCLUDES U.K. Postage and Packaging.

Eco-aware: If you’d like to opt out of the cello pocket the tea towel comes in, please indicate this at the Checkout, or email to tell us at

The folded tea towel is tied with red, blue and white string, with a ‘London’ decorative-informative paper insert.

Any questions? Please email:

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