Pandemic (Covid-19) Card Bundle of 8



Save an enormous £11.00 by buying this Pandemic (Covid-19) Card Bundle of 8. Usually cards are £3.00 each.

This multi-buy enables a huge £1.37 saving per card (nearly 50%) so you can send each card for only £1.63 each, or keep them as a keepsake of the current time.

You’re very welcome to swap in and out the 8 cards in the selection. For instance, if you would prefer 4 ‘Dogs in Masks’ and 4 ‘When It’s Safe To Get Close’ instead of 1 of each design, or any variables thereof, please either indicate your preference in the box at Checkout, or email me, Tessa, at hello@killingb.co.uk

or indeed with any other questions or requests … Thank you !

18th December 2020.

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